Nothing is Changed in Life!!!

Nothing is Changed   Life is Same!!!!

20 year back – School bag.

Today – Office bag.

20 years back – Lekhak Note book.

Today – HP Note book.

20 years back – Hero Ranger.

Today – Hero Honda.

20 years back – Half pants.

Today – Full pants.

20 years back – Playing with plastic car running on battery and remote.

Today – Playing with metal car running on petrol and gear.

20 years back – Scared of Teachers and exams.

Today – Scared of Bosses and targets.

20 years back – Wanting to be class topper.

Today – Wanting to be ‘Employee of the month’

20 years back – Quarterly exams.

Today – Quarterly results.

20 years back – Annual School Magazine.

Today – Company Annual Report.

20 years back – Annual exams.

Today – Annual appraisals.

20 years back – Pocket money.

Today – Salary.

20 years back – Waiting for Diwali crackers.

Today – Waiting for Diwali bonus.

20 years back – Running after grades and prize cups.

Today – Running after incentives and promotions.

20 years back – Craving for the latest toy in the market.

Today – Craving for the latest gadget in the market

20 years back – Eager to watch the latest cartoon show.

Today – Eager to watch the latest blockbuster.

20 years back – Fruity.

Today – Whiskey.

20 years back – Crush on class mate.

Today – Crush on colleague.

So essentially nothing has changed!!

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results

మన ఇంజనీరింగ్ స్టూడెంట్స్ని అడిగితే ఎలా చెప్తారో తెలుసా?(joke)

Ques: We know that 2/10=0.2


Prove that 2/10=2

Ans : Normal college students insist Question is “OUT of Syllabus”.


Engineering Students replied:


therefore          Two/Ten = Two/Ten = wo/en.




Therefore     wo/en=38/19=2.

Hence Proved

FOR, Engineers “ It doesn’t matter what answer is , they say what answer u need .”

ఎందుకు అబ్బాయిలకి strict తల్లి తండ్రులు కావాలో తెలుసా !